Best Benicci Artist Brush Set – Benicci Acrylic Paint Set

If you are an artist, you are sure to know the sheer importance of a good brush. A lousy brush can mess up your whole design. A simple brush can stand in between you and your next masterpiece.

If you are looking for the best brushes, look into thousands of brushes that the “Benicci’s” offer. Benicci offers the most fabulous brushes there are. The brushes are made with high-quality material.

Benicci has a wide variety of paintbrushes. If you want to know about the best Benicci artist brush set, you are in the right place.

A Quick Comparison Table:


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buying doctor button 5 starArtify 15pcs Professional Paint Brush SetArtify 15pcs Professional Paint Brush Setview on amazon buyingdoctor 1


buying doctor button 4.5 starMluchee 18 Pack Painting Brush SetMluchee 18 Pack Painting Brush Setview on amazon buyingdoctor 1


buying doctor button 4.5 starArtify 15 Pcs Paint Brush SetArtify 15 Pcs Paint Brush Setview on amazon buyingdoctor 1


buying doctor button 4 star1The Artify 10 pcs Paint Brush SetThe Artify 10 pcs Paint Brush Setview on amazon buyingdoctor 1


buying doctor button 4 star1

The Artify 10 pcs Paint Brush Set

Benicci’s Professional Artist 12 pcs Paint Brush Setview on amazon buyingdoctor 1




Our Picks 5 Best Benicci Acrylic Paint Set

Vast Usability

Artify 15 pcs Paint Brush.
The world is its canvas.

Best Bristol

Artify 15pcs Professional Paint Brush Set
Fine natural bristols 

Comfort in Using

The Artify 10 pcs Paint Brush Set.
Ensures maximum comfort

Most Flexible And Durable

Benicci’s Professional Artist 12 pcs Paint Brush Set.
Perfect for amateurs 

Best Built Quality

Mluchee 18 Pack Painting Brush Set
Built with the best quality materials 


Best Benicci Artist Brush Set

We have compiled a list of the best Benicci artist paintbrush sets for your assistance. As we were researching, we came across several brushes that were not up to the mark. We picked these 5 brushes based on extensive market analysis and user feedback.



Best Bristol:
Artify 15pcs Professional Paint Brush Set

The Artify 15pcs Professional Paint Brush Set is a fantastic choice for paintbrushes. They come with natural wooden handles. The brushes are individually handmade and come with copper protective flannels. The set consists of 15 long handle paint brushes.

The brush selections are; fan: size 4 and 8, Flat: size 2,6,10,14,18 and 30, Round: size 2,6,8,12,14 and 20 and a size 5 flat brush. However, you do not have to worry about carrying or organizing all these brushes, as this wonderful set comes with a carrying case of its own.

Most of the benicci acrylic paint brushes consist of artificial bristols. Though artificial bristols are fine, and can do their work pretty well. It is nothing close to natural bristols.

The Artify 15pcs Professional Paint Brush Set, uses natural hog bristols on their paint brushes. Hog bristols ensure longevity, stiff shapes and toughness. If you are a heavy duty artist and like to use thick paint, consider trying these fantastic brushes.



Artify 15pcs Professional Paint Brush Set

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Best Built Quality:
Mluchee 18 Pack Painting Brush Set

The Mluchee 18 pack painting brush set is made with the best quality material available. Fine quality materials have been used in every aspect of the brush.

Starting from the top, the bristol of this brush is made with fine nylon. With its clamped tishten, The nylon bristols ensure smooth strokes each time.

Also the brushes are equipped with reinforced aluminum ferrule, which straps on its special never fell off handles.

This perfect painting tool kit contains everything you will need for your next masterpiece. The set is made with fans, flats, rounds, angular, filbert, liner, whatever you need; they got it covered.

It does not matter if you are spreading colors or doing detailed works this set covers all queries.

The ergonomically designed thicken handles provides an extra edge while painting.  They provide extra grip and do not let fatigue affect you in your long painting hours.

And on top of everything the Mluchee 18 Pack Painting Brush Set is extremely low maintaining.

They are super easy to clean and come in a cute travel pouch for easy storage. So if you are looking for a best quality benicci acrylic paint set, you can look into this one.



Mluchee 18 Pack Painting Brush Set

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Most Versatile Brush:
Artify 15 Pcs Paint Brush Set

This outstanding versatile brush set consists of a fan, angular, flat—round, filbert, and comb brushes. Whatever you need detailed work or an extensive coat application, you can easily do it with this brush set.

These brushes are tested to their limits. They are well glued with wooden handles. Soaking up to 48 hours will not make the bristles fall of the handles.

So, you can sink them after drawing your masterpiece as long as you want. You will not be required to clean them instantly. The bristols are made from high-quality nylon materials, which will not fall off or break in the middle of your painting.

Benicci brushes are generally used only for painting on canvases. But there are some versatile brushes as well, which are the masters of painting on any surface.

The  Artify 15 Pcs Paint Brush Set is one of the versatile benicci acrylic paint brushes.

All surfaces are perfect for it. These brushes work equally well on canvas and ceramic. They work pretty well on fabric as well. Even if you are a body artist, these are the ones for you.

The whole world is a canvas for the Artify 15 Pcs Paint Brush Set.



Artify 15 Pcs Paint Brush Set


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Comfort in Using Benicci Acrylic Paint Set:
The Artify 10 pcs Paint Brush Set

Some brushes can be tough when used for a long time. But this is not the case for the Artify 10 pcs Paint Brush Set. This fabulous paint Brush set has a beautiful ergonomic design.

The specially designed short handles are helpful in the detailed works. Also these fantastic short handles ensure there is less amount of wiggles. You will have a pleasant painting experience using them.

This is not the only good thing about this paint brush set. This set consists of 10 of the essential painting tools you will need. It has angular, flat, fan, round, liner, and filbert brushes.

All the brushes come with strong ferrules.

The bristles and the wooden handle are heavily glued together. And the ferrule itself is pretty strong. You can use these fantastic brushes on any surface.

Anything can be a canvas in front of this fantastic set. And like the other artify branded Benucci brush sets, this set also comes in a cute carrying case.



The Artify 10 pcs Paint Brush Set


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Most Flexible And Durable:
Benicci’s Professional Artist 12 pcs Paint Brush Set

Whether you are a newbie in the art game or you are planning to gifting a fine brush set to yourself or to your art loving teenager friend. You will need a set of flexible and heavy duty brushes, which will absorb many abuses.

The Benicci Professional Artist paint brush set is the best one for you. The brushes of the set are useful on various canvases. They can survive the roughness of wood as well.

So if you are looking for a tough set of brushes, they are the one.

This Benicci’s professional set is specially made for acrylic paints, but it can handle other mediums. You can use these brushes for watercolor to oil colors as well.

They’re easy to grip. Good handles ensure fantastic grips.

Also, the bristles can hold a lot of paint. The set offers a variety of brushes. From angular to round, fan to comb, you name it; the set has it.

The soft and durable bristles can handle a lot of torture on them. They will not break or fall off in the middle of your painting. Whatever surface you are working on, it does not matter. The bristles will handle everything with ease.



The Artify 10 pcs Paint Brush Set

See The Benicci’s Professional Artist On Amazon


Benicci Artist Brush Set Buying Guide

Paintbrushes are the shield and the sword of an artist. A good paint brush can be your pathway to your next artistic masterpiece. There is a lot of benicci’s acrylic paint brushes available.

So, picking up the best for yourself can be a gigantic task. Each of the brush sets is unique and is used by different kinds of artists. So before picking up a Benicci artist paint brush set, it is suggested that you get an idea about what you are getting.

For your assistance, here is a complete guide for buying the best benicci artist brush set.


There are plenty of shapes in brushes. Each has its unique attributes. No brush set is complete without one. So, let’s get familiar with the brush’s shape first.

There are eight main shapes of brushes. Each has its unique duties in a painting. Let’s go through them one by one.

  1. Flat or Rectangular Brush: Flat or rectangular brushes can generally hold a lot of paint at once. And from their name, you can guess that they have a flat bristol on their top. These are some of the most useful tools in a Benicci’s acrylic paint set. They can be helpful in both large areas and also in detailed works as well.
  2. Round: Round is also an inevitable part of a brush set. Round brushes are used to do the more detailed works, the fillings inside the canvas, and thin to thick strokes.
  3. Pointed Round: Pointed round is another essential brush to have on hands. They are useful for narrower lines, retouching, and, most importantly, for detailing.
  4. Filbert: A filbert has thick, flat oval style bristols. They can hold a hefty amount of paint as well. The filbert is best suited in the edges and blending works.
  5. Fan: Fans are the funniest looking brush of the set. This particular brush comes in handy in case of remarkable effect or textures. Also, this brush is useful for color blending as well.
  6. Full Bellied Round: The detail round generally has a shorter handle and is shorter than other round brushes of the set. But this brush can hold a lot of paints. Useful for outlining and long strokes particularly.
  7. Detail Round: Round ferrule, shorter than usual. Helpful for detailed paintings and shorter strokes. Can produce notable detailed works.
  8. Liner: The smallest of the bristles. But the bristles of the liner are much longer than usual. This is used for the most detailed works in an art piece, outlining and long continuous strokes.


There are sizes for each style of brushes. You will need a combination of brushes of various shapes and sizes for drawing. Brushes are numbered from thin to thick. The smaller numbers are thinner while the more significant numbers are thicker. Make sure the brush set you are getting has the right combination of thin and thick brushes.


Bristles are the hair on top of the brushes, which holds color and applies them onto canvases. Generally, there are two types of brush bristles available. One is natural bristles, and the second one is synthetic bristles.

Firstly, natural bristles can be from various things. Usually, natural bristols come from animal furs like horse mane, hog, otter, etc. Natural bristles can not handle water like synthetic ones. Also, they can retain their shape with many uses as well.

Secondly, synthetic bristles are generally made from nylon or polymer. They are capable of just mimicking natural bristols. Synthetic bristles are easier to clean because they are lighter and soft to touch.

Also, water does not bother them like natural bristle brushes. But synthetic brushes can not hold their shapes for long like natural brushes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good paintbrush?

There is no direct answer to what is a good paint brush as there are a lot of paint brushes available. Each designated for their duties. Also, every artist has their preferences.

They prefer the type of brush they are comfortable with. A good paint brush can be any brush that is comfortable with you. Yes, the brush should have some minimum criteria to fill up.

Like a good brush should have a healthy bristle and a grippy handle. Also, a good quality flannel is essential as well. And the rest is upon the user.

Are Benicci brushes good?

Benicci are the fine makers of paintbrushes. They have years of reputation in the art business and for making excellent quality art supplies. They make art brushes as well.

The quality of Benicci brushes is super classy and reliable. And super functional and reliable. Benicci art brushes have the best quality of bristols. The handles are long enough and grippy as well.

And the ferrule is also top quality. The benicci acrylic paint brushes come in sets and can be used for various mediums like water, acrylic, or oil paintings.

What are the best acrylic paint brushes?

There are a lot of the best brushes available in the market. Not all are suitable for handling heavy paint like acrylic. Here are the best acrylic paint brushes currently available.

  1. Princeton Velvetouch, Mixed-Media Brushes. …
  2. Royal & Langnickel Zen Series Set. …
  3. Da Vinci Oil & Acrylic Long-Handled Paint Brush Set. …
  4. Winsor & Newton Artisan Brush. …
  5. Grumbacher Degas Bright Oil and Acrylic Brush.

Can you use foam brushes with acrylic paint?

If you want a straightforward answer, if you can use foam brushes with acrylic paint, the answer is yes. You can use foam brushes with acrylic paint.

But if you are talking about efficiency, the answer should change. Foam brushes are not the budget option to use with acrylic paints. As foams absorb more paints and are harder to detailed work with foam brushes.

That is why you can use foam brushes for acrylic paint, but they are not suitable brushes for acrylic paintings.


Hope you liked our list of the best Benicci Artist Paint Brush Set. You can pick up any brush as long as they are comfortable to use. We hope our article could help guide you to picking up the best brush for yourself.



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